Sacraments (Sanskaars) Devlopment for Childrens.

Gurukul tradition is a systematic development of children from ancient time. Gurukul is holy place where child belongs to Nature and learn how to respect the elders. Spiritual scripture says that we become calm, peaceful and happy when we smell the fragrance of mud, water, fresh air, hear the sound of leaves, birds (Nature). From our history we learn that all the great person like Ram, Budha, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Gandhi ji and Abdul Kalam have learned by Natural Environment – and his knowledge give the light to world.

Today’s children are living the materialistic world. They don’t know the Nature & Natural environment, we provide your children Natural Environment & Yogic games, yoga, meditation, scientific mantra chanting, Natural water bath, Sattvic diet etc. One day workshop that can give your child peace & joy.



  1. Good opportunity to be like a child for one day
  2. One pair of clothes & comfortable clothes
  3. Don’t take any precious things.
  4. The age of children should be 8 to 15 years.