Non Violence

Non Violence - ahimsa (non violence)is a way of life and not more philosophy peace is the practical application of Ahimsa .one can not live happily without peaceful co-existence for this one has to start with him self by controlling one s emotions development of collective conscious men is essential for establishing peace in the family and society. To make Ahimsa practical one has to cultivate the culture of it starting with him self and then extend it to family and society at large. India is the land of non violence peace and spirituality. To build a society tree of violence, terrorism, exploitation, poverty and Communalism: Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni has established Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti to make peace, non- violence and spirituality an integral part of our life style. Interfaith Harmony: In the realm of religion there can be no place for violence, fear or hatred. Religion is a medium to join and not to back. To feel one's own religion better then others increases communal tension. In fact religion has three dimensions:

Spirituality morality and worship. At present only worship part is understood as religion with spirituality to stop Cordiality and human brother hood in society. Hence religion should embrace with science, spirituality and social service to make it an effective tool to eradicate social evils and hatred.