Spirituality and Science work for Human Development – Achrarya Lokesh

Acharya Lokesh addressing the conference said that religion created civilizations; religion was the glue that held societies together. All religions of the world preach unity, brotherhood and harmony. Spirituality and religion both have given important contribution for development of human civilizations. There is a need to understand religion in its real sense and make the masses understand the essence of religion. Religion should be studied as social science. Violence, hatred, differences in the name of religion is not justified. Peace is necessary for development. Religious unity and harmony will create world peace and harmony. Coordination between religion and science will support balanced development of society. Acharya Lokesh said that from the Christian Crusades to the Paris attacks, countless conflicts and acts of violence have been claimed to be result of differing religious beliefs. On the name of religions, caste and community innocent people are killed in counties like Syria, Pakistan, Afganistan, Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh, France, and Russia every day. There is a need for interfaith dialogue in such situations, as violence and terrorism cannot solve any problem. Violence gives rise to counter violence. It was said that violence first takes place in mind and then in action. There is need to give peace training to the human minds. Acharya Lokesh talking about Indian Culture said that India welcomed followers of all religions with open heart. India gives freedom to worship and perform rituals to all religions. Jain philosophy based on principles of non-violence, unity in diversity and non-possession can solve many global problems like violence, environment pollution and inequality. Jain philosophy is contemporary and we need to adapt it to solve present day problems.