Religion should be associated with social welfare - Acharya Lokesh

Ambassador of Peace Acharya Lokesh speaking on ‘World without Violence’ said that religion brings us together it does not create differences. There can be no place for violence, hatred and disputes in the field of religion. All problems can be solved through dialogue. First of all, it is necessary that we learn to respect the existence and views of others, along with our own. There can be differences of opinions but not differences in hearts. We all want development and prosperity. Development and peace are deeply related. Acharya Dr Lokesh Muni said Karma is an important aspect of Hinduism. The law of karma in the Hinduism refers to a moral law which calls for social responsibility. The practice of dharma denotes a life of truth, non-violence, compassion, welfare for others and offering self-less service to society. He said that associating religion with social work for development and welfare is the need of present world. Acharya Lokesh said that religious organizations have been a powerful influence in American social welfare history. In many significant ways, religious organizations and churches have contributed to advancing more humane programs and policies concerning orphans, slaves, the poor, the sick and others in need of assistance. It is a matter of pride that Hindu Temple Grater Chicago is also involved in social welfare activities.