AAPI has big contribution in medical services of USA - Acharya Lokesh

Acharya Lokesh said that doctors do great human services of society. All doctors take Hippocratic Oath before beginning the medical profession, according to which they will treat the sick person with the intention of serving them and not earning money. All the doctors are serving the society with this feeling, for which they deserve praise. Thousands of Indian-origin doctors are providing medical services in the villages of America, which is being possible with the efforts and cooperation of the AAPI. Those villages where American doctor are reluctant to go, the doctor of Indian origin are going and providing medical services, this is a great social service. Acharya Lokesh said that an organised and balanced lifestyle plays an important role in the maintaining a healthy body. Yoga and meditation also have significant contribution in physical and mental health. A person is healthy only when he is mentally, physically and socially healthy. If the mind is healthy then the body can also be healthy.