India has key role in world unity and peace - Acharya Lokesh

Acharya Lokesh on this occasion said that India can play an important role in the establishment of world unity and peace. In India, people of different religions, castes and lifestyle live together. 125 years ago Swami Vivekanand expressed Indian philosophy in front of the world in this auditorium and today I have got this opportunity. He said that for world welfare we should leave behind our selfishness and awaken the consciousness of welfare of all within. Acharya Lokesh told that he had represented Jainism in the Parliament of World’s Religions held in Salt Lake City in 2015 and will represent Jainism in the Parliament of World’s Religions organized in November this year in Toronto. It is possible to solve many global problems by adopting the Jainism principles of non-violence, unity in diversity and non-possession.