Global problems can be solved with Inter Religion Harmony - Acharya Lokesh

Acharya Lokesh said on this occasion that in the presently world is facing many challenges; some of them are a threat to the entire universe. From Global Warming to Terrorism and Violence are the problems everybody is fighting with. People of different religions, sects, country and ideology together can find solutions to these problems. Inter religious harmony is necessary to solve such global problems. In Parliament of World’s Religions this year important subjects such as violence-free world, environmental protection, women's honor, spiritual development of humanity, spiritual development of youth, creation of a justice and peace in the world. Eminent people from different corners of the world like Nobel Prize winners, scholars, religious gurus, social workers, educationists, environmentalists, thinkers, philosophers, religious and social organizations Representatives, peace worker, prominent authors, politicians, spiritual leader, student, actors, entertainers etc will hold discussions. World Religions Parliament 2018 will prove to be a milestone. Acharya Lokesh said that it is a matter of pride for me that on such historical occasion I am representing Jainism and Indian culture. It is notable that Swami Vivekananda had addressed this World Religious Parliament in Chicago in 1893, attracting the attention of the world to India's spiritual heritage. Acharya Lokesh had addressed the inauguration function of the World Religious Parliament held in Salt Lake City, USA in 2015.